2019 Club Challenge

Races for our Club Challenge this year are listed below:

April 20:  Breeze Against the Wheeze – Historic East Side of Providence

May 5: Providence Rhode Races – 5k, half marathon, marathon – Providence

June 2:  Bank Newport 10 miler 

July 4: Arnold Mills Road Race

July 26: Blessing of the Fleet 10m – Narragansett 

December 8: Xmas 10K in Newport 

Jan 1, 2020: Hangover Classic 5 m – Bristol

Grand Slam Series

In addition to the Challenge races, we’re supporting a “Grand Slam” series of events that are not traditional road races:

August 25 NED Boulevard Mile – Providence

October Ocean State X-Country 5k – Goddard Park

Nov 9 NED/Molly’s Fall Comers 5k – Providence/Cranston line

Track and Field

Assorted Distances – USATF Masters Indoor Track Meet (January, Providence) & Brown Running Club Indoor Track Meet (February, Providence) USATF Masters outdoor meet (date TBD)

Club Challenge Races


How results are calculated

Club members who compete in 5 or more of these races will receive a commemorative shirt and are eligible for other awards based on the following point system.

Finish times graded on a scale that takes into account age and gender. In each race the top finisher among our club runners received 15 points, second 12 points, third 10 points, fourth 9 points, fifth 8 points, etc.  All finishers, regardless of time, received at least 1 point.

For example: If the first RMHP-RC runner is a 60-year-old female who runs 27:00 minutes, and the next club finisher is a 70-year-old male who runs 28:00 minutes, his graded time of 20:49 places him ahead of her graded time of 21:30.  He would receive 15 points; she would receive 12 points.