Face Mask Policy

Face masks MUST be worn at all times during track workouts, tempo runs, and organized road workouts. This is a STRICT policy to help keep you all safe. This includes between sets, and during warmup and cooldowns.

Inclement Weather Policy

We are a hardy bunch and plan to keep up with our practice schedule throughout winter. For safety, we will not practice when: 

  1. When Providence closes schools or delays openings (includes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings)
  2. If it is snowing in Providence (includes all practices)
  3. When the temperature is 20 degrees or below in Providence by 5:00 AM on Wednesday or 8:30 AM on Saturday

If the weather conditions are borderline, the coaches and Teddy will make a decision within 24 hours before practice. If practice is canceled, they will send an email to those who have been regularly attending club practices.