We’re starting a new competition that encourages members to take their running to new terrain. The RMHP Running Club All Terrain Grand Slam will recognize members who compete in four (4) qualifying events across trails, track, and roads.

To complete the Grand Slam, participate in at least one race from each category A, B, C and D below:

A. Boulevard Mile (August 25, 9:00 am)

B. Ocean State Cross Country Invitational 5k Race (Sept 28) or Molly Huddle Fallcomers Cross Country Race (Nov 9) (TRAIL)

C. Any track meet including the USATF Masters’ Indoor Track Meet (Jan 2020) and Brown Running Club Indoor Track Meet (Feb 2020) (TRACK)

D. Any club challenge road race (ROAD)

RMHP runners that compete in events across all four race types (BOULEVARD MILE, TRAIL, TRACK, and ROADS) will be recognized for their achievement at the next annual meeting.