I ran the Jerusalem marathon on Friday, March 21st, my 30th marathon. I lived in Jerusalem for a summer when I was 8 years old, I attended University in Jerusalem in the early 70’s and I volunteered on a Kibbutz between college and graduate school. Jerusalem has always felt like a second home to me.
Jerusalem is the most holy city, revered by Christians, Jews and Muslims. The marathon is advertised as a “run through history where all three religions have trod in the past”. It runs through the new and old city and has the most beautiful views of all of Jerusalem.

There were 25,000 runners from 52 countries, 12% ran the marathon, 25% ran the half marathon and the rest of the runners ran the 10K.
The male winner was from Kenya and the female winner was from Ethiopia
I finished feeling strong, and blessed to have had this opportunity to run this fascinating and challenging course.

I highly recommend this very hilly marathon even with its extremely challenging course with over 10 major climbs.
“It is an opportunity to get a direct experience of the city in all itsĀ  aspects: the various communities. its fascinating history, the fast growing development and construction, and the unique tourist sites, all this while breathing the proverbial, mountain air- as clear as wine”.