Has your bike been tuned up in 2017?  If not, you may want to schedule one now.  The longer you wait the longer the wait time will be to get your bike in the shop.  A tune up in April will ensure your bike is running smoothly when race season starts.  Have your parts taken off and professionally cleaned.  A clean bike is a fast bike!

Also, here are some things you want your local bike shop to check:

Chain Stretch – I usually need a new chain every year
Brake Pads and alignment
Tire Tread
Wire stretch and rust for both brakes and gearing
Drive Chain
Derailleur Adjustments – make sure you can get all the gears and you’re not skipping

Take good care of your bike and bike will take good care of you.

I hope everyone’s enjoying to good weather and maybe I’ll see you out on the roads!


Ron P.