The weather is getting warmer and people have already begun swimming outside.  Here’s a couple of spots where you can meet up with swimmers to train in the open water.

If you are new to open water swimming and want to join a group swimming in an environment that is welcoming and where the conditions are not as challenging, check out the Georgiaveille Pond Tri Training Group Facebook page.  Swimmers are frequently posting when they are swimming and it’s great place to literally get your feet wet as you move from the pool to open water.

If you feel like you want to try to some salt water swimming in a more challenging environment (waves and current) I swim with a group at the Barrington Town Beach on Mondays at 6pm.  We usually swim out about 100 yards off the beach and gather.  Swim about a half mile down the beach and gather, and then swim back.  The only thing we ask is that you wear a bright colored swim cap and that you are ready to swim at 6pm.  There’s actually two Facebook groups of swimmers here.  – Barrington Beach Swims  – Barrington Beach Swims Group

Also, if you are closer to the South County area, you may want to check out Fred Bartlett’s group.  Information can be found using the link below.

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ron P.