April 17, 2018

Yesterday as many of you are aware I ran the 122nd Running of the Boston Marathon, it was my first Boston and my last marathon. What a humbling experience to run in the footsteps of all the great runners of the past, Billy Rodgers, Meb and our own Jon Barnes and the famous Dennis.  It will truly be the race talked about for years, not for my time but for the weather, heavy rains and 40 mph winds, fun time for all, even the elites had some issues out there. .

But it was a goal of mine for many years to run this great race, mission accomplished. I have to say thank you to all of the club members that have inspired and ran with me these past ten years or so. All of you helped in one way or another, thank you. And a special hug to one of our runners and my wife, Rose, she was not only outside for five hours plus at this race but many others as well.

Couple of things I can always brag about, doing and finishing Boston, doing it in the worst weather conditions at Boston, it will be known as the Monsoon of 2018 and I did it that year, and to be the first coach of the RMHP RC  to run it while being a coach at the same time. Bragging rights that will always be mine forever.

I went from Knee surgery to a Boston Marathon finisher in 16 months. I am really, really proud of that fact, so the challenge now for you reading this . Is to never lose sight of a goal, accomplish it and own it.

To those that need assistance or help with this please do not hesitate to ask for my assistance or guidance in whatever the goal maybe. I did it and so can you.

This is a great club with a heart that I truly love.