The Ronald McDonald House of Providence Running Club

We welcome runners and walkers of all abilities! Become a member to receive top-notch coaching, a great social atmosphere, and a gang to cheer you on—all while supporting the Ronald McDonald House, which provides care for families when their child has a medical crisis.

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Outdoor Track Workouts at Hope High School – Monday & Wednesday
Gates open at 5:30 AM, running workout starts at 6:00 AM


Monday July 6, 2020
Repeat 400's 4-3-2

Wednesday July 8, 2020
2x800 w/ 200 jog 3-5 sets

Monday July 13, 2020
400-200 x 5-7

Tuesday July 14, 2020
Tempo Tuesday warmed up and ready to start at 6:00 AM in front of the JCC

Wednesday July 15, 2020
mile - 800 - mile - 800 optional mile

Monday July 20, 2020
200-400-600-400-200 x 2

Wednesday July 22, 2020
mile / 1200-400 / 2x800 optional 4x400

Become a member

We welcome runners of all ages and experience levels. Join us and get great training in a supportive atmosphere, all while helping the Ronald McDonald House.

Sign up for Second Friday Dinner

Sign up to bring a meal for a family facing a child’s serious illness. It’s easy—you can sign up well in advance, and you don’t even have to cook.

Order Your Running Club Shirt

All members wear a Running Club shirt during races to help promote the mission of the Ronald McDonald House. Choose from three great styles!

Running Schedule

We offer early morning track workouts, a weekly tempo run, a Saturday group run, and an evening run/walk. Find a time and workout that meet your needs.

Advice for runners from PTs, MDs, and your coaches

Below are tips and advice for everything from avoiding injury to strength training. More at the Coaches Corner

Goal Setting for Training Motivation

During these times where we cannot meet at the track for a formal workout, motivation to push yourself harder may wane. Indeed, for many club members, motivation to lace up their shoes and hit the...

Selecting Running Shoes

Running shoes should be selected after careful consideration. With so many brands and styles of shoes on the market today,it is important to find the best fit for your feet and your needs. There is...

Video: Improve your hip mobility to recover quicker and run faster

Keep moving by keeping your hips moving.  Lack of hip motion is perhaps the most common cause of running injuries.  Here are a few hip mobility exercises to keep you in running shape....

Safely returning to running after having a baby

As one of the most popular activities in the United States, over 60 million people exercise by running each year, and over 60% of those runners are women. Running is a crucial part of many lives,...

Maintaining upper body strength

Maintaining upper body strength is essential for runners in order to keep their running posture in the ideal position, maximizing efficiency. Here are three simple upper body exercises from physical...

15 Ways to Avoid Overtraining

By Amanda Moran, ATC, LMT and Jared Ferreira, ATC from Performance Physical Therapy Athletes – from students to pros – often believe that the more they train in their respective sports, the more...

Self Screening Mobility and Stability

A quick “do it yourself” movement screen to see if you have the mobility and stability to get the most out of your running CAN BE FOUND HERE...

Exercise When Sitting 8 Hours a Day

The average American is sitting for more than 8 hours a day. This results in muscles adapting to a sitting posture and creating an uphill battle for runners to maintain the mobility they need. If...

Is the kettlebell the “best bang for your buck” strength training tool a runner can have?

Is the kettlebell the “best bang for your buck” strength training tool a runner can have? You can hit your glutes, quads, core and upper body with these few kettlebell exercises....

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Group workouts to be done individually and will be posted

The coaches plan to publish group workouts, to be accomplished individually, beginning the week of April 6, when we originally intended to start outdoors. Be sure to warm up thoroughly and maintain a respectful distance from other runners on any of the local tracks...

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