The Ronald McDonald House of Providence Running Club

We welcome runners and walkers of all abilities! Become a member to receive top-notch coaching, a great social atmosphere, and a gang to cheer you on—all while supporting the Ronald McDonald House, which provides care for families when their child has a medical crisis.

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Outdoor workouts are at the Brown University Stadium.
Entrance is on Sessions Street.

Monday and Wednesday mornings gate opens at 5:30 AM for warmup, 6:00 AM workout.
Wednesday evening gate opens at 5:30 PM for warmup, 6:00 PM workout.

Monday June 27, 2022 5:30 AM warmup, 6:00 AM start
500 x 7

Tempo Tuesday June 28, 2022 6:00 AM
(2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month)
Meet  and ready to run at 6am in front of the Brown Stadium on Elmgrove Ave.

Wednesday June 29, 2022 Morning: 5:30AM warmup for 6:00 AM start
Evening: 5:30 PM warmup for 6:00 PM start
800 - 1200 - mile - 800 - 400/ optional mile

Saturday July 2, 2022 7:30 AM
Long run. Meet at the Hope St. end of Blackstone Blvd.

Monday July 4, 2022 5:30 AM warmup, 6:00 AM start

Wednesday July 6, 2022 Morning: 5:30AM warmup for 6:00 AM start
Evening: 5:30 PM warmup for 6:00 PM start
1000 x 4-7

Saturday July 9, 2022 7:30 AM
Long run. Meet at the Hope St. end of Blackstone Blvd.

Become a member

We welcome runners of all ages and experience levels. Join us and get great training in a supportive atmosphere, all while helping the Ronald McDonald House.

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Order Your Running Club Shirt

All members wear a Running Club shirt during races to help promote the mission of the Ronald McDonald House. Choose from three great styles!

Running Schedule

We offer early morning track workouts, a weekly tempo run, and a Sunday group run. Find a time and workout that meet your needs.

Advice for runners from PTs, MDs, and your coaches

Below are tips and advice for everything from avoiding injury to strength training. More at the Coaches Corner.

3 ways to Building Core Strength; Making You a Better Runner

Dr. Brian Hay demonstrates a plank, modifications, and ways to progress the exercises to increase the intensity to make sure you are building a stronger core. A stronger core will give you more...

Two simple exercises to keep you hip, knees, and spine healthy

Running is a mostly a linear activity in regards to your joint movements. This results in imbalances in your hip muscles, particularly those involved in rotation. The muscles that rotate your hip...

2 Simple Exercises to Improve Your Running Power

Stability and Power are critical for runners. Stability is needed from the moment the foot hits the ground to the moment it leaves. The ability to generate power can minimize the amount of time the...

Strong Running Needs Strong Glutes

One of the more underutilized muscles in runners is their glutes. The glutes play a huge role in propelling us forward during the gait cycle. The more you can tap into the strength of this muscle...

Enjoy improved hip mobility, and better running

Do you know that lack of hip motion is one of the most common cause of running injuries? With a few hip mobility exercises from the good folks at Performance Physical Therapy, you can do you can...

Don’t Let Knee Pain Slow You Down

Helpful information from Performance Physical Therapy about common knee pain.

Simple squat exercises to avoid late-race leg fatique

Performance Physical Therapy has shared a video they created of simple squat exercises you can do to help avoid late-race leg fatigue. Add these strengthening exercises to your routine 2x/week....

Quick 2-minute Warm Up

Only 2 minutes to Warm-Up?  This “Microwave Warm Up” will get it done.      

Your How to Guide for Managing Pain with Running and Getting Back on the Road

If you are thinking about starting a running program or returning after some time off, start with a mix of walking and running. The key is to go out and just try some running, whether it is a few...

News & Announcements

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Support from our friends at Performance Physical Therapy

Performance Physical Therapy has provided our club with 200 cards with a QR code to distribute to our members. Performance PT currently has 20 physical therapy clinics in the RI area, 10 of which have certified running specialists on staff. Using the card will allow...

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Share your story

We'd like to routinely highlight our fabulous club members on our website to help us get to know each other a bit better, share inspiring stories on why we run and what gets us up each day, and show the wonderfully diverse group we are who share a same passion—to lace...

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2021 Year in Review

A hearty thank you to all who contributed to the 2021 Year in Review and much appreciation to Ned Craun for putting this all together. 2021 was a tough year considering the pandemic, but also an inspiring year. We demonstrated our grit, perseverance, and triumphs. We...

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Group Runs While Training for a Half or Full Marathon

Recently a number of club members have mentioned how much they enjoy running the local roads with others, the majority of whom they have gotten to know at RMHP-RC training sessions on the track, at Tempo Tuesdays, or on weekend long runs on trails or roads. For some...

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