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Our Members

The RMHP Running Club welcomes runners of all ages and abilities. Members range from preteens to octogenarians, and from casual runners looking for a fun fitness group to elite sprinters, distance runners, and triathletes. A few are nationally competitive within their age groups; most compete only with themselves.

Over the years we have grown from a small, dedicated group to more than 300 runners. Members work together both to reach their full potential and to help the community by raising awareness and funds for the Ronald McDonald House of Providence.

Our Coaches

Bob and Anne Rothenberg

Bob and Anne Rothenberg helped to initiate the RMHP Running Club in 2007 while volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of Providence. The duo began coaching together in 1971 while teaching in Maryland. Their high school teams amassed 18 state championship titles in cross country and track & field.

Bob became the director of cross country/track & field at Brown University in 1983, and Anne was the named the men’s and women’s jumps coach. Over their 20 years at Brown, their squads won 11 league championships and 4 New England titles, and Bob was named NCAA Regional Coach of the Year five times. Both Anne and Bob are members of the Brown University Athletic Hall of Fame. Together, Bob and Anne continue to direct a major high school cross-country invitational and officiate at high school and collegiate meets in RI and NY. Bob also coaches with NE Distance.

Jon Barnes

Jon has been a coach with the RMHP Running Club for seven years. A runner since age 14, Jon competed both in high school (at Branford High School in Connecticut) and in college (at Lafayette College). He is a member of the Hall of Fame at both Branford and Lafayette, and he was a college All-American in the indoor 1000.

A former self-coached marathoner, Jon ran a personal best at the Boston Marathon with a sub-2:29 time. Over the past 40 years, he has mentored many marathoners of all abilities. Jon retired from a banking career specializing in business lending in early 2009 and continues to serve as a volunteer coach for female distance runners at Barrington High School, which he has done for nearly a decade.

Peter Sedgwick

Peter Sedgwick

Peter Sedgwick started running in high school and returned to the sport at age 46 after a long hiatus. He joined the club a year later, running in everything from 5K races to a full marathon. He started to help with coaching in 2016 after an injury and two surgeries, which gave him insight into the importance of cross-training and downtime for maintaining running health. With this knowledge, he helps club members avoid the mistakes of over-running or running through injuries.

Peter also serves on the club’s executive committee. His broad experience with the club—as a runner, committee member, and coach—lets him say with confidence that it is the best running club in the area, hands down. He is proud to serve with the committed people who volunteer their time and talent to making it special.

Michael Fadil

Michael Fadil

Michael joined the RMHP Running Club as a coach in 2020. He started running at age 14 competing in high school (Liverpool High School in New York) and later at Dartmouth College where he was an All-American. He continued running post-collegiately, competing nationally and internationally, representing the U.S.A. on numerous national teams, and competed in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the 1988 U.S. Olympic Trials.

Michael also helps coach the Rhode Island Track Club runners as well as coach outdoor track and cross-country for the youth team Cranston League for Cranston’s Future (CLCF) where his daughter Zia competes. He still enjoys running recreationally and is counting down the years while he can still stay ahead of his daughter.

Coach’s corner

20-minute mobility workout to boost your performance

Danielle Monreau, a physical therapist at Performance PT, takes you through a 20-minute mobility work-out that is a great tool to boost your performance and recovery on days you aren’t running. All you'll need is an exercise mat or towel to protect your knees.

Body-weight exercise video

Performance Physical Therapy is proud to partner with Brown Athletics to bring you this on-demand exercise video.  Physical Therapist and former professional lacrosse player, Dr. Bobby Dattilo leads this 22-minute body-weight exercise program. All you'll need is an...

Get Out Of Your Exercise Rut in 8 Minutes!

If you are looking to break your exercise rut or just add some all around strengthening into your routine…Here is how you can do it in 8 minutes: Get Out Of Your Exercise Rut in 8 Minutes!

Exercises to avoid late-race leg fatigue

Want to avoid late-race leg fatigue? Dr. Brian Hay, DPT, MS, OCS, demonstrates the split (Bulgarian) squat. Add these few strengthening exercises to your routine 2x/week.

Podcast: How to Increase Your Joy of Running

Future Olympian hopefuls Aaron Dinzio and Brian Crimmins join Ronald McDonald House Running Club’s own Jon Barnes, a competitive runner and coach for 60 years will provide guidance and answer your questions to increase your joy of running in this video podcast.

The Effects of Iron Deficiency on Running Performance

If you’re iron deficient, your running could suffer, according to Dr. Dheeraj Khiatani (Medical Director) & Tim Cushway (Founder & Director) from The Iron Suites Medical Centre. (This article was posted originally on the Global Run Club website.) ------ Iron...

One Minute Exercises to Help Keep your Hip, Knee and Spine Healthy

Stay Healthy, Stay ConsistentRunning is a mostly a linear activity, which results in imbalances in our hip muscles.  The muscles that rotate our hip help to control our spine and knee position and are often ignored in strengthening programs.  Here are 2 exercise to do...

Running Injury and Prevention Presentation

Here's a Fit to Run Presentation by Alexis William PTA and Brian Hay DPT, OCS Topics covered: Is there anything holding you back from your best running? How to perform a dynamic warm up Understanding the role of running mechanics How to assess your own mobility and...

Goal Setting for Training Motivation

During these times where we cannot meet at the track for a formal workout, motivation to push yourself harder may wane. Indeed, for many club members, motivation to lace up their shoes and hit the pavement comes from preparing for a race and/or running with friends....

Selecting Running Shoes

Running shoes should be selected after careful consideration. With so many brands and styles of shoes on the market today,it is important to find the best fit for your feet and your needs. There is no “right shoe” that fits all runners. However, research and injury...

Safely returning to running after having a baby

As one of the most popular activities in the United States, over 60 million people exercise by running each year, and over 60% of those runners are women. Running is a crucial part of many lives, but many changes can occur for women’s workouts after giving birth....

Maintaining upper body strength

Maintaining upper body strength is essential for runners in order to keep their running posture in the ideal position, maximizing efficiency. Here are three simple upper body exercises from physical therapist Bryan Hay, that will help ward off late run fatigue:  ...

15 Ways to Avoid Overtraining

By Amanda Moran, ATC, LMT and Jared Ferreira, ATC from Performance Physical Therapy Athletes – from students to pros – often believe that the more they train in their respective sports, the more they will excel over their peers athletically. But this isn’t always the...

Self Screening Mobility and Stability

A quick “do it yourself” movement screen to see if you have the mobility and stability to get the most out of your running CAN BE FOUND HERE...

Exercise When Sitting 8 Hours a Day

The average American is sitting for more than 8 hours a day. This results in muscles adapting to a sitting posture and creating an uphill battle for runners to maintain the mobility they need. If you sit for long periods during the day (commuting, desk work, etc.),...

Runners Need Foam Rollers!

Foam rolling is a great way to provide ‘self massage’ for any runner. Foam rolling can be done before running as a way to warm up and prepare muscles and soft tissues, giving a similar effect to dynamic stretching.  Foam rolling can also be done after a run to...

PETER K. KRIZ, MD March 2018 Presentation

Here is the link to Dr. Peter Kriz's presentation at the March 2018 annual RMHP Running Club meeting. Common Running Injuries PETER K. KRIZ, MD ASSISTANT TEAM PHYSICIAN, BROWN UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS MARCH 19, 2018    

Peter Sedgwick talks about the 2018 Boston Marathon

April 17, 2018 Yesterday as many of you are aware I ran the 122nd Running of the Boston Marathon, it was my first Boston and my last marathon. What a humbling experience to run in the footsteps of all the great runners of the past, Billy Rodgers, Meb and our own Jon...

Running Myths and Facts

Debunking the common 'running myths' by Dr. Brian Hay MS, DPT, OCS: Running Myths & Facts

Running Tip – Hamstring Power & Mobility Video

Power = Speed When running the more power we can generate from our muscles the more forward movement we generate with each stride.  The more forward movement we generate with each stride the more distance we cover and that equals SPEED.  Stronger glutes and hamstrings...

What is Core?

What is Core?  Just take a deep breath and read on "Core" is one of the most overused and misunderstood terms in health and fitness today.  The term is so overused it has almost lost its legitimacy, so when my patients say, “I am doing core exercises” I tend to be a...

Running Injury Prevention

Download this paper from by Dr. Brian Hay MS, DPT, OCS and Performance Physical Therapy about Running Injury Prevention: RMHRC Running Injury Prevention

Member profiles and stories

The Jerusalem Marathon by Ivy Marwil

I ran the Jerusalem marathon on Friday, March 21st, my 30th marathon. I lived in Jerusalem for a summer when I was 8 years old, I attended University in Jerusalem in the early 70's and I volunteered on a Kibbutz between college and graduate school. Jerusalem has...

I’M A RUNNER: Patricia Sullivan

by Michaeline Nelson Patricia Sullivan started running on August 17, 2008. She had always been athletic. In her youth Patricia raced on the track until 8th grade, but her high school years were pre-Title Nine, when she says, “Women had to play half-court basketball...

I’M A RUNNER: Jan Parillo and Preston Hare

by Michaeline Nelson Jan Parillo and Preston Hare are regulars at the track on Monday and Thursday morning practices before going to work. Together they own a company, Parillo/Hare Realtors, working across the state of Rhode Island. Jan says she is a people person and...

Peter Sedgwick’s Come Back

by Peter Sedgwick I am writing this open letter to discuss what I have been doing this year to improve my running times and abilities. First off so you all understand until this year I had not broken my PR from my first half marathon run in Hartford in October of 2008...

100 on 100 Relay

by Ellen Foley. I ran the 100 on 100 relay with five friends last Saturday (Aug 13th). Here’s the website: We came in 6th of 12 women’s teams (we were something like 89th overall however). This is a great race that starts at the stunning Von...