by Peter Sedgwick

I am writing this open letter to discuss what I have been doing this year to improve my running times and abilities.

First off so you all understand until this year I had not broken my PR from my first half marathon run in Hartford in October of 2008 until my 26 attempt to do so at New Bedford this year, a four and half year of coming up short and just not getting it done.

I also had until 18 months ago had issue with my calves I would pull them very few months and be set back three weeks each time. Now I run always with CEP compression socks and that issue appears to have gone away.

This year I have broken my 5K, 5 Miler and half marathon PR’s all within the past few months, some of them several times. My practice run’s pace have all been reduced by 1 minute per mile or in longer runs more.

What change happened, is very simple one early morning practice at the Brown indoor track, Walter a gentleman who is always there at 6 am was talking to me and then did something that got me going. He simple tapped me in the stomach and said that is what happens at our ages, meaning 50 and overweight

Not so fast, I then started a exercise program. My goal was to burn between 1200 and 1500 calories a day.

Monday AM – Track work out

Monday PM – Incline machine and steeper total time 80 minutes   high resistance

Tuesday AM – Elliptical at 60 minutes at level 14

Tuesday PM – Spinning class 60 minutes

Wends day AM – – Elliptical at 60 minutes at level 14

Weds day PM – – Incline machine and steeper total time 80 minutes   high resistance / now track

Thursday AM – Track work out/ or Elliptical at 60 minutes at level 14

Thursday PM – Spinning class/Rooster Ramble now

Friday AM – – Elliptical at 60 minutes at level 14

Saturday AM – Long run depending on weather if not gym

Sunday AM – Boot camp class or race day

That was the winter schedule and started on Feb. 1st and kept at it with Modifications to do the better weather.  My weekly mileage is around 60 miles per week, of course 60% or more is not on the roads.

I would say that by not injury myself, losing the weight, track work outs and all the resistance training that I have been doing I’ve increased the strength thru out my body. The results speak for themselves last Sunday May 5 I ran the Navigant Credit Union ½ marathon. I not only PR I beat New Bedford by nine and half minutes. At this point I do not know what my limits are, but I am going to take it slow and let the races just happen without pushing my limits too far. Coach Bob warns me at least once a week, be careful don’t overdo it. Trust me I’m going as careful as I can.

Thank you

Peter Sedgwick