I hope everyone had a great triathlon season!  Although October is here and the races behind us, Fall and Winter will be an excellent time to shop for new gear.  Just like everything else, you can always get a better deal in the offseason.  Everyone will soon want to get rid their 2019 inventory and there will some nice sales for aero helmets, new wheels, new shoes and even bikes.

I’m a big fan of offseason shopping.  For example, I got and excellent deal on a new Cycleops M2 smart indoor bike trainer (which I love!) in August for just $399.  I mean, who buys indoor bicycle trainers in the Summer.  Well, that would be me!!!  That same trainer is already up to $499.

Also, don’t forget, the holidays are just around the corner and your loved ones may be looking for gift ideas.  Don’t be afraid to drop some hints.  Everyone could use another pair of goggles or a swimsuit or bike shoes or……whatever it is you need.  Make it easy for them, make a list.  (-:

And one last shopping tip, check out the theproscloset.com  and slowtwitch.com for great deals on used products as well.  It’s possible to find some great steals if you don’t mind buying used.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Ron P.