Club Challenge 2017 Standings

Caroline Troise has prevailed over the field of 100+ runners who scored for the House and participated in the 2017 Club Challenge series. It came down to the frigid Hangover Classic on New Year’s Day, but Dr. Troise won her age group and scored enough age-graded RMHP points to clamber over Dan “I have something better to do than race 5 miles along the ocean in <10 degree weather” McCarthy and into the hotly contested winner’s circle. Caroline and Dan are also joined by Rose Sedgwick, Dietrich Neumann, Peter Sedgwick, Mark Schwager, and Russell Carey in securing coveted 2018 Club Challenge T-Shirts for completing seven or more of the year’s events. Congratulations, all.


This year we are reviving the RMHP-RC CHALLENGE.  The list below includes an assortment of 5k – 1/2 marathon local races.  Club members who compete in 7 or more races will receive a commemorative shirt and be eligible for other awards based on the following point system:

Your individual finish time will be graded on a scale ( that takes into account age and gender.  In each race the top finisher among our club runners will receive 15 points, second 12 points, third 10 points, fourth 9 points, fifth 8 points, etc.  All finishers, regardless of time, will receive at least 1 point.

Example – if the first RMHP-RC runner is a 60-year-old female who runs 27:00 minutes, and the next club finisher is a 70-year-old male who runs 28:00 minutes, his graded time of 20:49 places him ahead of her graded time of 21:30.  He would receive 15 points; she would receive 12 points.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE, you must email our scorer (Matt Jankowich) with your race time within 48-hours of finishing your race:

Matt will adjust your time based on age and gender and update the scoring throughout the year.  This will be a fun way to compare our club performances.

Are you up for the challenge?

4/23       Blackstone Valley 5k     Pawtucket
4/29       Breeze Against Wheeze 5k   Providence

5/21       Girls on the Run 5k     Bristol (director is club member Jackie O’Hara)
5/28       Narragansett Bay 1/2  Narragansett

6/4        Race Against the Odds 5k   Providence (director is club member John Mackintosh)
6/18       Will Speck 5k    Cranston (RMHP fundraiser)

7/4         Arnold Mills 4 mile   Cumberland
7/28       Blessing of the Fleet 10 miles   Narragansett

8/6        Run 4 Kerri 4 mile    Wakefield
8/13      Bobby Doyle 5 mile    Narragansett

9/3         Finish for a Guinness 5k   Warren  (club men only score)
9/17       CVS Downtown 5k    Providence
9/23       Ocean State Trail Run 5k    Warwick

10/8       RMHP Women’s Classic 5k  Providence (club women only score)
10/29     Ocean State Rhode Races 5k   Narragansett
10/29     Ocean State Rhode Races 1/2  Narragansett

11/5       Colt State Park 5k   Bristol
11/25     Trot Off Your Turkey 5k   Barrington

12/3       Downtown Jingle 5k   Providence
12/10    Christmas   10k     Newport

1/1/2018    Colt State Park Hangover Classic 5 mile run

21 races – 13 5k’s, 2 4miles, 2 5miles, 1 10k, 1 10 miles, 2 1/2 marathons

5 are in Providence, 5 in Narragansett, 11 in nine other RI communities