Support from our friends at Performance Physical Therapy

Performance Physical Therapy has provided our club with 200 cards with a QR code to distribute to our members. Performance PT currently has 20 physical therapy clinics in the RI area, 10 of which have certified running specialists on staff. Using the card will allow you to identify the clinic closest to your home or work location. The cards are available at club practices from Bob Rothenberg or Rick Ripley.

  • Simply scan the QR code on the card
  • Select Running Specialist and/or a location
  • This will match you with a Performance Certified Running Specialist near you
  • Click “request an appointment or call.”

Performance PT offers club members a free 15-minute phone, in clinic or telehealth consultation with a therapist to help determine if physical therapy is needed.

Want a formal training program for your full and half marathon this fall?

Anyone who wants an individual training program should reach out to Coach Bob Rothenberg who will create a custom program befitting your goals.

Looking for a marathon to run? Here are some top regional marathons:

Clarence DeMar: 25-Sep

Cape Cod: 2-Oct

Maine Marathon: 2-Oct

Wineglass Marathon: 2-Oct

Hartford: 8-Oct

Newport: 9-Oct

Steamtown: 9-Oct

Baystate: 16-Oct

Green Mountain Marathon: 16-Oct

Mount Desert Island: 16-Oct

Ocean State (Narragansett): 23-Oct

Loco: 23-Oct

NYC Marathon: 6-Nov

Manchester City: 13-Nov

Philadelphia Marathon: 20-Nov

Two simple exercises to keep you hip, knees, and spine healthy

Running is a mostly a linear activity in regards to your joint movements. This results in imbalances in your hip muscles, particularly those involved in rotation. The muscles that rotate your hip help to control your spine and knee positioning and are often ignored in strengthening programs. Here are two exercises from our friends at Performance Physical Therapy to do in less than one minute with one piece of equipment to help keep your hip, knees, and spine healthy.

Share your story

We’d like to routinely highlight our fabulous club members on our website to help us get to know each other a bit better, share inspiring stories on why we run and what gets us up each day, and show the wonderfully diverse group we are who share a same passion—to lace up our sneaks, show up, and do the best we can do for that given day. 

Consider sharing your story. We’ve developed a Google Form with some questions to guide you that you can use as a starting point. You don’t have to answer all of the questions, but you can if you’d like. We hope that these will inspire you to write a little bit about yourself that we can post on our website. Feel free to accompany your story with a photo that we can include.

2021 Year in Review

A hearty thank you to all who contributed to the 2021 Year in Review and much appreciation to Ned Craun for putting this all together. 2021 was a tough year considering the pandemic, but also an inspiring year. We demonstrated our grit, perseverance, and triumphs. We are sure you will enjoy reading this.