Support from our friends at HIGHBAR

Highbar Physical Therapy (formerly Performance Physical Therapy) is a proud partner of the RMHRC. Highbar currently has over 22 convenient locations in RI & MA, which all have certified running specialists catering to the specific needs of the running community. If you are feeling unsure about an injury, experiencing pain, or just have general questions about how to stay healthy with your running.

Please visit HIGHBAR’s website at
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If you are unsure if PT is right for you, RMHRC members can schedule a free 15-minute phone or in-person consult with a Running Specialist to help determine the right path for you. Just let our Scheduling Specialist know you are from the club and would like to speak with a therapist before starting Physical Therapy.

* Getting care fast is important, that is why you do not need a referral to start physical therapy.

Two simple exercises to keep you hip, knees, and spine healthy

Running is mostly a linear activity for your joint movements. This results in imbalances in your hip muscles, particularly those involved in the rotation. The muscles that rotate your hip help to control your spine and knee positioning and are often ignored in strengthening programs. Here are two exercises from our friends at Highbar Physical Therapy to do in less than one minute with one piece of equipment to help keep your hip, knees, and spine healthy.

Share your story

We’d like to routinely highlight our fabulous club members on our website to help us get to know each other a bit better, share inspiring stories on why we run and what gets us up each day, and show the wonderfully diverse group we are who share a same passion—to lace up our sneaks, show up, and do the best we can do for that given day. 

Consider sharing your story. We’ve developed a Google Form with some questions to guide you that you can use as a starting point. You don’t have to answer all of the questions, but you can if you’d like. We hope that these will inspire you to write a little bit about yourself that we can post on our website. Feel free to accompany your story with a photo that we can include.

Group Runs While Training for a Half or Full Marathon

Recently a number of club members have mentioned how much they enjoy running the local roads with others, the majority of whom they have gotten to know at RMHP-RC training sessions on the track, at Tempo Tuesdays, or on weekend long runs on trails or roads.

For some of you, it provides motivation to lace up your running shoes at 5:00 AM; for others it helps develop the skills to maneuver comfortably in a tight group situation when racing. For all, the group support helps develop the confidence to challenge yourself to run farther and/or faster.

However, if you are using a training plan with specific distances and paces for various types of workouts, it can be a challenge to reconcile the group’s goals with your individual ones. Here are two suggestions:

  1. Agree within the group to stay together for a number of miles at a pace that all can handle, but also agree on a point in the run where each runner is encouraged to break from the group to meet his/her training needs. For example, run together the first 7-8 miles, then each can continue for whatever number of miles at whatever pace he/she requires.
  2. Contact other club members whose target race pace is close to yours, regardless of whether their goal is a half or a full marathon. Then plan to run together once or twice a week. Feel

And of course, feel free to be somewhat flexible in your specific distance or pace to take advantage of the benefits derived from running with a group.

Enjoy improved hip mobility, and better running

Do you know that lack of hip motion is one of the most common causes of running injuries? With a few hip mobility exercises from the good folks at Highbar Physical Therapy, you can do you can help keep your hips flexible and ready to run.