Open Water Swimming!

With the weather getting warmer people are beginning to swim outside.  Here’s a couple of spots where you can meet up with swimmers to train in the open water.  If you are new to open water swimming, please be aware that the groups prefer you wear a bright colored swim cap or orange training buoy to help everyone look out for each other.  Something like this – Swim Buoy.

If you are new to open water swimming and want to join a friendly outdoor group swimming in an environment that is welcoming and where the conditions are not as challenging, check out the Georgiaveille Pond Tri Training Group Facebook page.  Swimmers are frequently posting when they are swimming and it’s great place to literally get your feet wet as you move from the pool to open water.  I believe someone posted recently that the temperature in the pond is currently about70 degrees.

Georgiaville Pond Tri Training Group | Facebook

Starting in June, when the water gets a little warmer, if you feel like you want to try to some salt water swimming in a more challenging environment (potential for waves and current) there are groups that swim in the mornings at the Barrington Town Beach. Quite often it’s calm in the morning, but occasionally, depending on the wind, it can be a little more difficult. This is where I like to go.  I try to get down 3 days a week or so at 7:30am starting in mid-June.  – Barrington Beach Swims Group

Also, if you are closer to the South County area, you may want to check out Fred Bartlett’s group.  Information can be found using the link below.

Pools – SwimRI

Daria Szkwarko would also like organize an open water swim group at Goddard Park.  Possibly every other week on Friday mornings around 6:30am starting in June. Parking is free at the beach area and distances will be flexible as it’s a back and forth swim parallel to the beach.  The area is very shallow and protected and it can be a great place to practice open water swimming if you are new to it.

Please let Daria know if you’re interested.  You can email her at,

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ron P.

Virtual Racing

Being stuck in my house has made me start to play around with some things outside my normal comfort zone.  One of those things is movie making.  I made a short YouTube video of the DBR Sprinthooligan Cup race I did on Zwift yesterday.  Let me know what you think and if there’s anything you might think I could add that you believe would be useful.


Ron P.

The Triathlete in Winter

The Triathlete in Winter

The Triathlete in WinterThe weather is getting colder and it’s excellent time build strength, get in the pool and let some of those nagging, annoying pains heal.

If you’re looking to improve your swimming, the Triton swim team run practices at the Boys and Girls Club in East Providence.  They post frequently on the SwimRI FaceBook page and you can see the schedule and details at this link:

Also, my friend Peter Russo is a triathlon coach and certified Swim Smooth instructor and he has a class at the Pods pool in East Providence.  His contact information is below.

phone: 401-286-2865

If you want to work on your biking, you can join me on Zwift.  I would not recommend fueling your ride with left over Halloween candy but…..well….yeah, it was fun.

I plan to ride 3 to 4 days a week with 1 race (probably Tuesdays) and a steady state ride on Sunday mornings starting around 10am so that I can burn some calories before watching football.   I will then fit in another ride or two as my life allows.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Ron P.

Triathlon & Gear Shopping

I hope everyone had a great triathlon season!  Although October is here and the races behind us, Fall and Winter will be an excellent time to shop for new gear.  Just like everything else, you can always get a better deal in the offseason.  Everyone will soon want to get rid their 2019 inventory and there will some nice sales for aero helmets, new wheels, new shoes and even bikes.

I’m a big fan of offseason shopping.  For example, I got and excellent deal on a new Cycleops M2 smart indoor bike trainer (which I love!) in August for just $399.  I mean, who buys indoor bicycle trainers in the Summer.  Well, that would be me!!!  That same trainer is already up to $499.

Also, don’t forget, the holidays are just around the corner and your loved ones may be looking for gift ideas.  Don’t be afraid to drop some hints.  Everyone could use another pair of goggles or a swimsuit or bike shoes or……whatever it is you need.  Make it easy for them, make a list.  (-:

And one last shopping tip, check out the  and for great deals on used products as well.  It’s possible to find some great steals if you don’t mind buying used.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Ron P.

Watts/Shaved Legs/Clipless Pedals/Tire Pressure

Even before I had a power meter I was obsessed with watts.  Everyone wants to produce more watts.  However, to be a good cyclist, it’s smart to ask, how can I save watts?

Now, if you don’t know, a watt is unit of energy.  It’s the measureable energy you produce when applying force on the pedals of your bike.  Depending on aerodynamics, wind speed and direction and elevation, your speed on the bike is a simple ratio of energy to weight, or watts per kilogram (W/Kg).  With this in mind, there are things one can do to save watts.  Now, this doesn’t mean you will work any less hard, as Greg LeMond is famous for saying, “It never gets easier, you just get faster.”

Here are some things to ponder.

First, should you shave your legs?  As a 52 year old man, I get a lot of funny looks when people notice my shaved legs.  However, before you judge check out this video:

Second, should you get clipless pedals?  This is question I get all the time.  Usually by people who are nervous about clipping in.  If you want the answer check out this video:

Lastly, tire pressure.  What’s the best tire pressure for you?  And yes, you should check your tire pressure before every ride!  Check out this video:

There’s a lot more to consider than these factors, but this is a great place to start.  Take some time to absorb this information and let me know if you have any questions (but please don’t ask me where I fall on the Chewbacca scale).

Ron P.

RMHP on Zwift Group Rides

I’m playing around with the idea of organizing some group rides in the virtual world of Zwift.  If anyone has any interest, please let me know.  I figure no one can really get lost or dropped riding in the comfort of their own home.

Also, if you already have a Zwift account and want to follow me through that platform (you need the free Zwift Companion app), I can play around with the group meet up function before the official group rides are scheduled.

If you are unfamiliar with Zwift, please CHECK IT OUT.

Please let me know if there is any interest or if you have any questions.

Ron P.