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Open Water Swimming!

With the weather getting warmer people are beginning to swim outside.  Here’s a couple of spots where you can meet up with swimmers to train in the open water.  If you are new to open water swimming, please be aware that the groups prefer you wear a bright colored...

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Virtual Racing

Being stuck in my house has made me start to play around with some things outside my normal comfort zone.  One of those things is movie making.  I made a short YouTube video of the DBR Sprinthooligan Cup race I did on Zwift yesterday.  Let me know what you think and...

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The Triathlete in Winter

The weather is getting colder and it's excellent time build strength, get in the pool and let some of those nagging, annoying pains heal. If you're looking to improve your swimming, the Triton swim team run practices at the Boys and Girls Club in East Providence. ...

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Triathlon & Gear Shopping

I hope everyone had a great triathlon season!  Although October is here and the races behind us, Fall and Winter will be an excellent time to shop for new gear.  Just like everything else, you can always get a better deal in the offseason.  Everyone will soon want to...

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Watts/Shaved Legs/Clipless Pedals/Tire Pressure

Even before I had a power meter I was obsessed with watts.  Everyone wants to produce more watts.  However, to be a good cyclist, it’s smart to ask, how can I save watts? Now, if you don’t know, a watt is unit of energy.  It’s the measureable energy you produce when...

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RMHP on Zwift Group Rides

I’m playing around with the idea of organizing some group rides in the virtual world of Zwift.  If anyone has any interest, please let me know.  I figure no one can really get lost or dropped riding in the comfort of their own home. Also, if you already have a Zwift...

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For those of you, like me, biking indoors, I want to let you know about Zwift.  I’ve been Zwifting for just over a year now and I think’s great! Zwift is a virtual community where people can bike and run with others all over the world.  The software is free, but there...

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Bikeworks Thursday Night Time Trials

Tonight begins the Bikeworks Thursday Night Time Trials!  This is an 8 mile course and a great way to improve your cycling skills. It starts at 6pm (show up early) between the 500-600 block on Finnegans Way in Rehoboth, MA. Details can be found here: ...

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Hyannis Triathlon 2019 – Race Report

Below is my race report for the Hyannis Olympic triathlon that occurred on June 15, 2019. Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy! Ron P. Hyannis – 2019 Nobody remembers who finished second but the guy who finished second - Bobby Unser Saturday was the...

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Gear Checklist 2019

I’m participating in my first tri of the season tomorrow (Saturday) in Hyannis. Hopefully, I won’t get eaten by a shark!!! As I begin packing my bags and cleaning my bike and making sure I enough gas in the car I realize I did not send out my annual Gear Checklist....

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The RMHP Triathlon distribution group is an email list where the focus is on resources and tips to help the runners of the Ronald MacDonald House Running Club pursue cross training opportunities.  Information includes bicycle tips, group riding resources and organizations, indoor swimming groups and lessons, open water swim events, open water swim training groups, and specialized coaching and training.  There are no current group activities scheduled but occasionally brick track workouts (for those with and indoor bike trainer) have been offered.

To be included in the RMHP Triathlon distribution list, contact Ron Patrissi.

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Coaches Corner

Selectinging Running Shoes

See what the research shows can be important in selecting the right running shoe: SELECTING RUNNING SHOES...        

Kettlebell Exercises for Runners

How to use a kettlebell as the “best bang for your buck” strength training tool a runner can have.  Hit your glutes, quads, core and upper body with these few kettlebell exercises.

Hit the Ground Running with Bulletproof Legs

Learn how proper foot and ankle mobility and strength can unlock your running potential. Click Here to View the Recording... Presented By: Michael Silva PT, MS, CSCS Physical Therapist Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Why Maintaining Good Hip Mobility Is So Important

Hip mobility is essential to generate power while running. Here are a few simple hip mobility exercises for pre-run, post-run, rest day, or just anytime you feel like it.

3 ways to Building Core Strength; Making You a Better Runner

Dr. Brian Hay demonstrates a plank, modifications, and ways to progress the exercises to increase the intensity to make sure you are building a stronger core. A stronger core will give you more stability and make you faster, more efficient, and stay injury-free....

Two simple exercises to keep you hip, knees, and spine healthy

Running is mostly a linear activity in regard to your joint movements. This results in imbalances in your hip muscles, particularly those involved in the rotation. The muscles that rotate your hip help to control your spine and knee positioning and are often ignored...

2 Simple Exercises to Improve Your Running Power

Stability and Power are critical for runners. Stability is needed from the moment the foot hits the ground to the moment it leaves. The ability to generate power can minimize the amount of time the foot is in contact with the ground. The combination results in...

Strong Running Needs Strong Glutes

One of the more underutilized muscles in runners is their glutes. The glutes play a huge role in propelling us forward during the gait cycle. The more you can tap into the strength of this muscle the more effective and efficient your running will become. Here is an...

Enjoy improved hip mobility, and better running

Do you know that lack of hip motion is one of the most common causes of running injuries? With a few hip mobility exercises from the good folks at HIGHBAR, you can do you can help keep your hips flexible and ready to run.  ...

Simple squat exercises to avoid late-race leg fatique

HIGHBAR has shared a video they created of simple squat exercises you can do to help avoid late-race leg fatigue. Add these strengthening exercises to your routine 2x/week.

Quick 2-minute Warm Up

Only 2 minutes to Warm-Up?  This “Microwave Warm Up” will get it done.      

20-minute mobility workout to boost your performance

Danielle Monreau, a physical therapist at Performance PT, takes you through a 20-minute mobility work-out that is a great tool to boost your performance and recovery on days you aren’t running. All you'll need is an exercise mat or towel to protect your knees.

Body-weight exercise video

HIGHBAR is proud to partner with Brown Athletics to bring you this on-demand exercise video.  Physical Therapist and former professional lacrosse player, Dr. Bobby Dattilo leads this 22-minute body-weight exercise program. All you'll need is an exercise mat or towel...

Get Out Of Your Exercise Rut in 8 Minutes!

If you are looking to break your exercise rut or just add some all around strengthening into your routine…Here is how you can do it in 8 minutes: Get Out Of Your Exercise Rut in 8 Minutes!

Exercises to avoid late-race leg fatigue

Want to avoid late-race leg fatigue? Dr. Brian Hay, DPT, MS, OCS, demonstrates the split (Bulgarian) squat. Add these few strengthening exercises to your routine 2x/week.

Podcast: How to Increase Your Joy of Running

Future Olympian hopefuls Aaron Dinzio and Brian Crimmins join Ronald McDonald House Running Club’s own Jon Barnes, a competitive runner and coach for 60 years will provide guidance and answer your questions to increase your joy of running in this video podcast.

The Effects of Iron Deficiency on Running Performance

If you’re iron deficient, your running could suffer, according to Dr. Dheeraj Khiatani (Medical Director) & Tim Cushway (Founder & Director) from The Iron Suites Medical Centre. (This article was posted originally on the Global Run Club website.) ------ Iron...